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LyondellBasell Industries N.V. (NYSE: LYB) is a Dutch-domiciled multinational chemical company with American and European roots, incorporated in the Netherlands, with U.S. operations headquarters in Houston, Texas, and offices in London, UK. The company is the largest licensor of polyethylene and polypropylene technologies. It also produces ethylene, propylene, polyolefins, and oxyfuels.

A current employee shares his experience, "Management has become bottom line concentric at Lyondellbasell. Have seen the loss of long term employees due to push to remove because they "make too much money and benefits". Loss of experience has proven to have an effect on the production of the product; processes, and in some cases safety issues because a new person with experience of 5 years or less is being put in the role of decision making. Executive Management for safety even less experience. Known for reduction of their bottom line in all facets. (Personnel and costs) Plants in dire need of assistance in areas of Maintenance; Production and Safety. Too many managers and not enough personnel to complete work appropriately without working excruciatingly long hours."


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Lease Coordinator, Contractor (Former Employee) says

"They work you to death here. Expect to work 12 hours everyday and be stressed the whole time your there. Maybe your turnover rate would be low if you built a great team in all of your departments. They give one individual an amount of work that requires at least three to complete on time. You often feel like your being set up for failure here and they won't listen to any of your suggestions. Talking to any managers about your job is pointless and will only get you terminated. Cons: No parking, low pay, stressful environment, they ignore your opinions"

Supervisor (Current Employee) says

"No hay recuersos humanos para alcanzar los objetivos."

Production Worker (Former Employee) says

"Management got they head so far up they butt you need a cummalong to pull it out they are contridictive dont care about noone but themselves they hold grudes they "ALWAYS TRY" to make you wrong in situations when half the time they are wrong i wouldnt recommend no one dont have nobody die in your family because they gone think your lying this is the worst job I have ever had in my life. Good Day yee yee cant say wat i want but yall get it"

Process Technician (Current Employee) says

"This place is the worst on the world , plant manager don’t have people skills, they treat you like you’re a freaking animal, don’t go near this place. Cons: Everything"

Production Technician (Former Employee) says

"Rotating schedule one week days one week nights. Never can get used to. Just tough all around. And the pay scale was and us very low for the job and position required"

Production Worker (Former Employee) says

"Terrible company to work for, very inconsistent with write ups, lots of favoritism, and management is terrible. They ask for more and more work and not enough pay. BE AWARE YOU DO NOT WANT TO WORK FOR THIS COMPANY IF YOU ARE NOT ONE OF THE FAVORITES YOU CAN BE GONE IN THE SNAP OF A FINGER, regardless of how good you are at the job."

Maintenance Technician (Former Employee) says

"Absolutley the worst managemment I've seen in my 40+years very age discrimatory and if you aren't buddying the boss forget about getting anything out of them work conditions are very bad no Hr no IT mandatory it what a s***hole Cons: Everything"

Production operator (Current Employee) says

"Man the place is a joke upper management is terrible they have cameras everywhere just to watch you the place is like a prison they tell you one thing and do another they claim to be a family but everyone is expendable as long as it covers their upper management"

Document Control Clerk (Former Employee) says

"If you don't mind never knowing if your belongings will be at the security gate upon your arrival to work, or mind working contract for years, working for a bigot and surrounded by country-ghetto ppl... Go for it and good luck!"

Maintenance (Former Employee) says

"Very poorly Managed Facility. The Company was acquired again last year by a good Company, but they havn't got adequate Leadership at this Facility yet. Cons: Mismanagement, Site Leader is a joke."

Operator (Former Employee) says

"ASchulman ran you to the ground the front office people were horrible the hr lady took forever getting your hiring papers in if she didn't lost them first and had to start all over with paperwork Cons: Everything"

Laborer (Former Employee) says

"Hurry,Hurry got to get product out is a typical work day.While it sits there.All about the numbers.If your not a friend or family member you get no advancement and you are nothing.Management we get points like little kids.Workplace culture poor morale.Hardest part of the job no respect.There is nothing enjoyable about working here.Benefits are horrible,and health ins is bad,bad.They need to update equipment. But they want product to produce out the the door. Higher bonus's for them. While we produce and they sit back.If you want advancement time for a test. While you wait for an answer to take the test and never happens.Hold on will get back back to you and that is never. Cons: Think twice about working here."

Warehouse (Former Employee) says

"No organization, they don't promote from within , instead the hr lady hires her friends and people she use to sleep with to put in power. This company is a joke. Cons: Everything"

Graphic Designer & Industrial Photographer (Former Employee) says

"I moved up the ladder quick with this company but it wasn't at all a positive experience, the management lacks leadership and the turnover rate makes it near impossible to achieve effective project completions. I learned a lot but in the end it was long hours, exploitation, and too much stress. Cons: Bad parking, poor management, long hours, hostilities"

Senior IT Project Manager (Former Employee) says

"One of the weakest PMO's I have ever experienced. No clear direction. Petty political games trap the contractors and they are used as pawns instead of a valued resources. Cons: contractors do not last long"

Operador de Moinhos (Former Employee) says

"Empresa que a cada dia o funcionário trabalha com medo de ser mandado embora precionado e descontente Cons: Nunca mais quero passar nem na frente"

clerk (Former Employee) says

"worst place in the world to work the management is terrible and so are they employees that work there too many chiefs and no indians this place is a total disaster"

assistant (Current Employee) says

"nice company to work for. good benefits, good locations. like coworkers, management was cool. nice bonus, nice pension, nice office, nice desk Cons: no room for advancement"

Process Operation Technician (Current Employee) says

"The company is not well managed and the supervision take pride in having power over you."

Extruder Operator (Current Employee) says

"Since a. schulman took over ECM plastics, the work environment is horrible. no compensation, very strick and treat workers like robots."

Cowtown says

"Where is my order?"

Joe says

"I ordered the wrong diameter threaded casters. Talked to an employee about how to return and get the correct size. He told me to return the wrong sized casters and include a sample of the correct size and they would ship back with correct casters. I got neither back from order in June. Joe Cimino"

Thomas says

"I went on the internet to find out if their were castors to use on carpet. Service Caster was shown to have ball casters that would do the job. I order some from you. The casters do not work on carpet. Advertisement that they do work was incorrect"

Lynn Brown says

"After waiting two months I received my order for 3 TV Buddy, they did not work, I called you, you gave me the return info, I paid $20 to return them. I have written you 3 letters in the last 3 months asking for my refund. You will not respond or refund my money. I am anxious to see if you publish this complaint"

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